The World's 1st and BEST Die Cast competition racetrack!

Get ready to compete in the first ever Expert Racers Race!!

Attention all Die Cast Enthusiasts!!!!

Now is your chance to get what is sure to be the hottest new toy in years for the Die Cast community--The Worlds First interactive Die Cast Competition Racetrack!!!! 

Expert Toys, Inc. presents the Award Winning "Expert Racers" Toy track. Never has there been a product geared Specifically toward 1/64th sized die cast Racing. And this is as close as it gets to REAL racing!!!  This track is receiving RAVE reviews by the public everywhere it has been displayed and "trial run' over the past 8 months.  And with over two years of development and intense testing, we now have a complete product.   Order your track now and get it before anyone else!!

Track Features:

  • Racing is based on players reaction time, and quality of car.
  • Patented "Racing System" engineered race track.  (Cars will not fall off track)
  • LED Christmas tree start!!!
  • Remote foot pedals!
  • Drag Racing sound effects!!
  • Digital time finish for EACH car!!!
  • Head to Head Racing, and one player racing option!!
  • Hours Of entertainment for adults and Children alike!!
  • Great recreational alternative to video games, promoting exercise, creativity & sportsmanship!!!

How the Expert Racers racetrack works:

  1. Place your car on the height adjustable starting unit.
  2. When ready, press your remote for the Pre-Stage lights in your lane to activate.
  3. After both racers stage in, the Christmas tree lights will come down.
  4. When the light hits green, Floor it!!!!  Don't go too soon, or be DQed!!
  5. Cars will release via the patented metal release machanism, and the race is off!!!
  6. The end piece of the track notifies the winner via the lighted LED above the track!!

 You will absolutely love this Race track!!!!!

Track requires 4 "C" batteries. 1 or 2 player racing.  Product comes with everything shown, 18ft of straight track, and stickers. (Cars sold separately) . AC Power converter sold separately from Expert Toys ($19.95).  Expert Toys, Inc. owns all patents and associated with the Expert Racers track.


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